Sumter is a bookmarklet that sums up all the numbers in your text selection. Drag it to your bookmarks bar!

>> Sumter <<

It can also be embedded into pages (like this one).

Typical Use

I sometimes find myself wishing I could quickly add up some numbers on a Web page without transferring them to a spreadsheet. The most common example is when I'm reading a credit card statement online:

Date Description Amount
03/01/2013 B&H DAIRY LUNCH $12.49
02/28/2013 MTA VENDING $104.00
02/26/2013 AMAZON WEB SERVICES $0.25
02/26/2013 ABC BEER CO $18.17
02/20/2013 MUJI $25.11
02/18/2013 PRET A MANGER $6.93
02/03/2013 NETFLIX.COM $7.99
01/30/2013 UTRECHT ART SUPPLIES $19.40

I'd really like to know how much I spent in February. Sumter lets me highlight the numbers I'm interested in and a total is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Highlight some numbers! Sumter is built-in to this page.

Multiple Currencies

Sumter can also handle select other currencies (detection is improving) and raw numbers. It will keep the totals separate.

Dollar $ Pound £ Euro € Yen ¥ Raw
$23.04 £34 €12.75 700¥ 3,478
$17.89 £15. €352.10 ¥1,200 1883
$3.51 £32.50 €25.63 235¥ 23.14

It adds each total together for a grand total but doesn't convert currencies.

No Dependencies

Sumter is plain JavaScript and does not require any libraries. It should work in most modern browsers.


Sumter is new. Let me know how it can be improved by opening an issue on GitHub.


This is free software. It is released to the public domain without warranty.

Download the source on GitHub.

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