SuperGenPass is a different kind of password solution. Instead of storing your passwords on your hard disk or online—where they are vulnerable to theft and data loss—SuperGenPass uses a hash algorithm to transform a master password into unique, complex passwords for the Web sites you visit.

SuperGenPass is a bookmarklet and runs right in your Web browser. It never stores or transmits your passwords, so it’s ideal for use on multiple and public computers. It’s also completely free and open-sourced on GitHub.


Drag this to your bookmarks toolbar. (Or right-click and add to bookmarks.)


Use on public computers and mobile devices. (Add it to your home screen!)

Should I use SuperGenPass?

Maybe! Do you like bookmarklets? Do you like not ever knowing what your passwords are? (That’s a good thing!) Do you like the idea of using a slightly quirky password solution? You do?

I have a question!

Please take a look at the FAQ on the SGP wiki. If you still have questions, please open an issue on GitHub.

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